„Just as science is the intellect of the world, art is its soul.’ Although this quote is not by me, but Maxim Gorki, I find it hits the nail on the head.
Today, it is more important than ever to surround yourself with art. Live and work with art hanging at the walls. the investment of an artwork is an investment in the soul, so to say. One’s own soul and the soul of the world.“

gabi papst, bildpark gallery



I see myself as curator in the original sense of the word. I represent artists, provide publicity to their artworks, organize exhibitions and “care“ for their paintings. make sure they can unfold their impact. find a home and a buyer who appreciates the value of “his“ or “her“ painting.

bildpark gallery represents contemporary artists, paintings, mixed media, photo art, varied on purpose. Partly with “academic“ background, partly without. Because what matters in the end is one thing – the personal resonance of an artwork in the beholder. What does the picture trigger? A question? An answer? A memory? A feeling? Something, you can’t name? Great, then it ist he right one!
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Museums all around the world get flooded by visitors, which is fine. but a picture does not reveal its impact unless you live with it in your space. A “true“ picture never gets boring. It changes with the incidence of light, you discover new details or suddenly find a new meaning in it. This is why bildpark gallery offers to come by with the picture of your choice. You will be amazed how well large formats even fit on small walls.
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Anyone who wants to buy art at sound and still affordable prices will make a find in the diverse portfolio of bildpark gallery. No matter if you are looking for your first artwork or would like to expand your collection. Click through the pictures of bildpark gallery artists – or visit me at bildpark gallery in munich at rotkreuzplatz. I shall also be pleased to arrange a studio visit and personal meeting with the artist.
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