Bree Corn
Bree Corn, Forming Reality 1, 2017, Limited Edition von 12

„Pictures talk to everybody. Regardless of culture or language. They enable communication and expression without words. Within a second. At gut-level.”

Bree corn


Bree Corn is a photographer and artist. Her photographies are exhibited and have gained national and international awards and honorable mentions. Bree teaches at the “Austrian Academy of Photography” and has been a passionate photo artist for 15 years.



Born 1980
Lives and works in Vienna

  • 2016 FINALIST “World Photographic Cup” 2016
  • 2015 FINALIST “World Photographic Cup” in portrait
  • 2015 1st Place Profifoto Award „Traumseher” (engl.: “dream seer“)
  • 2014 Honorable Mention in Fine Art by ND Awards
  • 2013 Finalist “World Photographic Cup” in portrait
  • 2013 Title “Qualified European Photographer” in Fine Art by Federation European Photographers

  • 2017 ITALY, Milano – Leonardo da Vinci Museum
  • 2017 GERMANY, Cologne – Kölner Liste (engl.: Cologne list)
  • 2016 FRANCE, Strasbourg - Palais de la Musique
  • 2016 NORWAY, Hogskolen Stord
  • 2016 ITALY, Vico Equence - Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare,
  • 2016 AUSTRIA, Vienna - Galerie INTAKT
  • 2015 AUSTRIA , Steyr - Gallery in palace
  • 2015 ITALY, Napoli - Castel dell’Ovo
  • 2015 AUSTRIA, University of Vienna
  • 2015 GERMANY, Karlsruhe Institut of Technology
  • 2015 SWITZERLAND, Geneve - CERN at CMS Experiment
  • 2015 AUSTRIA, Vienna - Dessange Austria
  • 2014 GREAT BRITAIN, London - Parallax Art Fair
Lothar Goetter
Lothar Goetter, Brook “Ramseer Bach“, acrylic on canvas, 170x200 cm

„Painting as an act of creation, as shape of what is seen, felt, experienced. the canvas as place of encounter and origin of man and beast, light and landscape. sometimes within minutes powerfully thrown at the naked and waiting white, captured and retained, occasionally changed by wind and weather. (...) located, sensed and painted by a sweeping, expressive brush, and bright and strong colours. (...) He has never abandoned the figurative or the landscape, painted in the studio just as outdoors, in defiance of all fashion – this, after all, is what makes up the quality of these works: they are not subjected to any dictate, a new Munich school emerged on the multicultural west end humus.“

quoted from „götterbilder“ (engl.: “idols“) by dr.christiane clemm


born in 1954
lives in munich

studied sculpture under profs. hemrich, johannes-gutenberg-universität mainz, and paolozzi, akademie der bildenden künste (academy of fine arts) in munich
studied painting under prof. baschang, akademie der bildenden künste (academy of fine arts) in munich

  • 2000 herz (engl.: heart) - atelier zylla, munich
  • 2001 straussenlake (engl: ostrich brine) - atelier zylla, munich
  • 2002 sumpfbilder (engl.: swamp paintings)- heuwaage, murnau
  • 2003 dumme tiere (engl.: stupid animals)- atelier zylla, munich
  • 2004 götter in rosenheim (engl.: gods in rosenheim)- kunstmühle, rosenheim
  • 2004 es geht bergauf (engl.: going uphill)- atelier zylla, munich
  • 2005 kleine welt (engl.: small world)- alte wiedefabrik, munich
  • 2006 teamgeist (engl.: team spirit) - kunsthaus 424, barcelona
  • 2007 himmelsfreundschaft (engl.: friendship of heaven), st.rupert, munich
  • 2008 menagerie - open westend, munich
  • 2009 pferde sind schafe (engl.: horses are sheep)- open westend, munich
  • 2010 götter im freien (engl.: gods outside)- galerie wimmer, munich
  • 2011 gesichtsbuch / holz (engl.: face book / wood) - galerie kalt, munich
  • 2012 heimatschland (engl.: homeland) - künstlerhaus ulm
  • 2012 2012 große kunstausstellung (engl.: big art exhibition) - kunstverein wasserburg
  • 2013 licht über der elbe (engl.: light over Elbe River) - stoffels kommunikation, hamburg
  • 2015 blickwechsel (engl.: change of perspective)- st.rupert, munich
  • 2016 das gewicht des lapidaren (engl.: the weight of the lapidary)- seidlvilla, munich
  • 2017 artmuc, munich
Reiner Heidorn
Reiner Heidorn, mentalriver, 170 x 200 cm, oil on canvas

"When you look at the clouds above the sea, a frozen lake or a meadow, then there is no one who made them extra for you - I want to be this no one behind my pictures."

Reiner Heidorn

reiner heidorn is considered as "the young savage amongst the neo expressionists of weilheim". With his deep blue and petrol-blue monochrome large formats and his particular painting style, he creates broad spaces of association and meditation. About the essence of nature, plants, the core of our being.
In addition to his monochrome pictures he pursues a second series - typical for him, the big eyed "germangas", by which he gets to create narrative and figurative pictorial spaces that strangely touch the beholder and do not release him any more.


born in 1966
lives and works as freelance artist in weilheim near munich

selected solo shows
  • jan 2066 "störbilder", producergallery, munich
  • june 2007 "heidorn playgrounds", museum, weilheim
  • nov 2007 "reiner heidorn paints over the edge", gallery herold, feldafing
  • may 2009 "about chew and swallow", blue house, cultural evebt, dießen
  • jan 2010 "reinerheidornpaintings" gallery g5, munich
  • march 2012 "dangered art - paintings", gallery contentkitchen, munich
  • oct 2012 "heidorn - the foilpaintings", gallery art coming, starnberg
  • march 2013 "the fragile system", gallery kaysser, munich
  • nov 2016 "monomito", casa culturale villa ritinha, recife/brazil
  • april 2017 "a comprensive survey", bill lowe gallery, atlanta/usa
  • april 2017 "the white canoue", pasinger fabrik, munich
  • juli 2018 "mental positions", bildpark gallery, munich
Rainer Hofmann
Rainer Hofmann, cycle white sands

rainer hofmann travels a lot around europe and the usa, looks for landscapes and cities, pursues his own projects. nighttime amusement parks, the reconstruction of the munich opera just like the nürburgring in winter by night or the venice experiment with self- built analog camera. it is always his calm and sensitive characteristic eye that touches the beholder in a very special way, turning rainer hofmann’s pictures - no matter how different the motives may be - into pictures that burn into your memory.

born 1956
studied philosophy at LMU munich
education as a photographer
has lived and worked in Munich as independent photographer for 25 years

ausstellungen / messen
  • 2017 artmuc, munich
tamar klar
Tamar Klar, Gedankenschale

„Light as a basis of being. The material by which matter is created. No one knows better than nature how to place this raw material center stage. A single ray of light exhibits millions of facets. To me, light is a similar mystery as is the mind. Taken for granted, they both appear so simple and obvious. But the closer you get to their essence, the more interesting they become.

Taking hold of a thought.

Fluorescent acrylic glass – ardent admirer of the light – has become my medium – to capture the magic of thoughts.“

tamar klar


her wall objects made of acrylic glass illuminate every single room by their fascinating composition. The shapes, fenced in plexiglas-boxes, are simple and abstract, yet structures and shades change with the light incindence and position of the beholder. There is nothing rigid. Tamar Klar makes lively art full of peace, joy and energy.

born in 1967, munich
studied pedagogy and fashion design
since 2012 freelance artist
lives and works in the allgäu

expositions / fairs
  • 2017 C.A.R. Essen, Art MUC Munich, Art Karlsruhe

  • 2016 Art Karlsruhe, ART Fair Cologne
  • 2016 Solo project Basel
  • 2015 Art Karlsruhe, Art Bodensee Dornbirn
  • 2014 Art Karlsruhe, Art Fair Cologne, Art Bodensee Dornbirn, Affordable Art Fair Hamburg
  • 2013 Art Fine Baden-Baden, Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, Red Dot Miami, Art Bodensee, Art Karlsruhe
Dany Mayland
Dany Mayland, In the heart of the sea 1, Oil on canvas, 90x60 cm

„The human being is a seeing creature. seeing, to me, is a kind of merging things with imagination – like in the movies. even visual worlds become real in the very moment I connect with them. Hence, everything coexists next to each other. my works originate from movies that inspire me due to their content or visual imagery. A 90 minutes movie is normally produced from 24 single images per second. I extract single pictures from the movie and freeze them up on my canvas by means of my painting brush. That way painted fragments are created.“

dany mayland

the cycle “in the heart of the sea“ originates from the eponymous remake of the moby- dick story.

born in 1964
lives at the ammersee lake
studied fashion graphic design at the meisterschule für mode (engl.: masterschool of fashion) in munich since 2008 member of regionalverband bildender künstler (engl.: regional association of visual artists)

  • 2009 eine kunst-geschichte (engl.: an art (hi)story)- collective exhibition new town museum landsberg/lech
  • 2009 annual exhibition rbk - landsberg/lech
  • 2009 jury award international art competition ‚geld-gier-krise’ (engl.: money-greed-crisis)-
  • 2010 international mailart project 'blick aus dem fenster' (engl.: gaze out of the window)- weilheim
  • 2010 stadt,land,see (engl.: city, country, lake)- utting
  • 2010 das kleine format' (engl.: small format)- dießen am ammersee
  • 2011 annual exhibition rbk – landsberg/lech 2011 realität und wahrnehmung (engl.: reality and perception), group exhibition in der bvs, utting
  • 2016 guest artist ‚offene ateliertage’ (engl.: open studio days)– ateliers in the factory rödelheim, frankfurt
  • 2017 artmuc, munich
Mriam Paschke
Miriam Paschke, Mountains, Mixed Media, 21x30 cm

„my pictures are created spontaneously. repeatedly painting over and even destroying parts of a picture are integral parts of my work. little scribblings, prints, stuck in pieces of paper, fonts and the use of stencils make the pictures interesting to me and keep opening new spaces where I can reconnect as an artist.“

miriam paschke

born in 1984
lives in munich
studied art pedagogy, art history, european ethnology at LMU munich
since 2010 owner and director of „diemalschule. | malschule miriam paschke“ (engl.: thepaintingschool. | painting school miriam paschke“)
since 2015 teaching assignment at LMU munich for art pedagogy & art and multimedia.

  • 2012 - 2016 2012 - 2016 kunst in sendling (engl.: art in sendling)
  • 2017  artmuc, munich
Frederic Paul
Frederic Paul, GALORE, 2017, Öl, Acryl, Papier auf Leinwand 120x100cm

„I have the chance and the possibility of travelling and getting to know different countries, landscapes, cultures, people and music, that continuously feed me with new ideas and inspiration. When I paint, I start with no prior concept of what the painting is going to look like in the end. I just turn on the music and go by the sound and my feelings. This is how my paintings are created.“

Frederic Paul

In his sensitive, almost poetic paintings, the Asian roots of this young artist come through just as his great talent in bringing his feelings out on the canvas. His paintings are deep and expressive, finely worked by elaborate mixing techniques and harmonious compositions. After his first successes (“Directors Choice“ at ARTMUC 2017) and first exhibitions, he now devotes himself entirely to art. He will continue working on his series “Faces“ and “Asia“ and it will be exciting to accompany him on his promising road ahead.


born in 1993, munich
apprenticeship as a retailer for men’s wear
since 2015 freelance artist
lives and works in landsberg am lech

exhibitions / fairs
  • 2016 The Brick Lane Gallery London – The Annexe / Abstract Art / group exhibition
  • 2016 Galerie Noah / Augsburg / group exhibition / exhibition project
  • 2017 Internationale Kunst Heute 2017 / series of art books
  • 2017 Lift Art Gallery / Online 3D Exhibition / Sweden
  • 2017 Kammgarn Kaiserslautern / Outside the Box / group exhibition
  • 2017 ARTMUC art fair / Directors Choice / munich


Valsugo, Head Plug, Mixed Media, Digital print, acrylic on wood, 200x125cm

The artist valsugo does not make it easy for the beholder to capture his pictures by first or second sight. Nor is it his intention. Perhaps Joseph Beuys remark "anyone who doesn't want to think, has to leave!" hits the nail on the head: The complex world of images seeks to challenge the beholder to deal with them. Those, who get involved find themselves confronted with burning ethic and social issues of our time. For example, "Why we believe we can control the game?" is the central sentence of "Head Plug". Yet, it does only reveal itself to the eyes of the beholder after taking a closer look. Letters are waiting hidden between plexiglass elements and net mesh made of hardened inkjet printing, to form words and typographic puns of strict precision and graphical beauty. Suddenly they make sense to the beholder, in a way that doesn't allow one to turn away without making a statement.

In his piece "Head Plug", valsugo raises the question of ethical responsibility on the explosive topic of artificial intelligence, that way stimulating intellectual discourse. The refusal to explain his works correlates with his call for thorough examination and positioning in relation to the urgent issues of our time. The mixed media artworks invite us to formulate questions and look for answers - in the picture, in ourselves and in the discussion. Graphically as well as typographically superb, valsugo constructs complex systems in which the human is always centerstage. Living an anonymous life in the south of Germany, the conceptual artist has the pictures already in this head. Due to highly modern computer and printing techniques the realisation of this kind becomes possible in the first place. He edits digital photographs with uv-cured inkjet printing and creates geometrical artificial worlds, where the human finds his space, where organic structures decompose softly and vulnerably. His pictures tell highly intense stories revolving around human existence. It is difficult to evade them.


„walked through the ashes
behind me burnt bridges
I hid myself
covered mind and skin with it
was trapped sucked into the abyss
have awaked been awakened and uncovered
transformed I wander trough the dark
discern see transform
words stop where pictures start“

exhibitions / fairs
  • 2009 stroke munich
  • 2010 stroke munich and berlin
  • 2017 kölner liste (engl. cologne list)
  • 2018 solo show "delusion", bildpark gallery, munich
Jürgen Welker
Juergen Welker, o.T., Acrylic on canvas, 200x150 cm

„art is uncompromising. Only those who take full ownership of their actions, are good. That’s the way it is: all or nothing at all.“

jürgen welker

jürgen welker lives and works in his studio at lake tegernsee. He paints abstract landscapes, acryl paint mixed with stone powder, alabaster gypsum on canvas. He produces his paintings during an intensive creative process of up to two years. He paints over until the landscape in his mind starts to disappear. the beholders then become inspired to seek and find something themselves. Mountains, lake, sky – or the landscapes of their proper souls. His monochrome figure paintings stem from an earlier creative period.

born in 1959
lives at lake tegernsee
studied art pedagogy at ewh landau/pfalz
studied painting and drawing at akademie der freien künste (engl.: academy of liberal arts)
karlsruhe under markus lüpertz, max neumann, erwin gross
since 1990 freelance artist

exhibitions / fairs
neustädter kunstverein (engl.: art association neustadt)
bezirksverband (engl.: distric association) pfalz (pfalzpreis – engl.: pfalz award)
hki, hongkong
kulturverein (engl.: cultural association) wilhelmsdorf
heinrich heine haus, lüneburg
dom bardovick
k-galerie, munich
kunstfabrik (engl.: art factory) vienna
tegernseer kunstausstellungen (engl.: art exhibitions at lake tegernsee), tegernsee
artmuc, munich 2017