dany mayland, das weisse band I

dany mayland

„The human being is a seeing creature. seeing, to me, is a kind of merging things with imagination – like in the movies. even visual worlds become real in the very moment I connect with them. Hence, everything coexists next to each other. my works originate from movies that inspire me due to their content or visual imagery. A 90 minutes movie is normally produced from 24 single images per second. I extract single pictures from the movie and freeze them up on my canvas by means of my painting brush. That way painted fragments are created.“

dany mayland

the cycle “in the heart of the sea“ originates from the eponymous remake of the moby- dick story.

born in 1964
lives at the ammersee lake
studied fashion graphic design at the meisterschule für mode (engl.: masterschool of fashion) in munich since 2008 member of regionalverband bildender künstler (engl.: regional association of visual artists)

  • 2009 eine kunst-geschichte (engl.: an art (hi)story)- collective exhibition new town museum landsberg/lech
  • 2009 annual exhibition rbk - landsberg/lech
  • 2009 jury award international art competition ‚geld-gier-krise’ (engl.: money-greed-crisis)- artists.de
  • 2010 international mailart project 'blick aus dem fenster' (engl.: gaze out of the window)- weilheim
  • 2010 stadt,land,see (engl.: city, country, lake)- utting
  • 2010 das kleine format' (engl.: small format)- dießen am ammersee
  • 2011 annual exhibition rbk – landsberg/lech 2011 realität und wahrnehmung (engl.: reality and perception), group exhibition in der bvs, utting
  • 2016 guest artist ‚offene ateliertage’ (engl.: open studio days)– ateliers in the factory rödelheim, frankfurt
  • 2017 artmuc, munich
Dany Mayland
Dany Mayland, In the heart of the sea 1, Oil on canvas, 90x60 cm