Finding myself

joachim seitfudem

„Art is like a disease, you carry it inside and at some point it just breaks out“

joachim seitfudem

The wood sculptor joachim seitfudem grew up in a family of artists. His father is also a sculptor and his mother was a painter. He never strived to become an artist himself, rather the opposite. For a long time he tried to keep himself at a distance from the idea. „But art is like a disease, you carry it inside and at some point it just breaks out.“ His works are very personal. His experiences and thoughts are processed in them. The passing of his mother and a prison stay – due to his involvement into a robbery and drug story - drove him to a new awareness of time, freedom and death. „Looking back it was this tragical event that made me wake up to my full potential“.

Joachm seitfudem creates figures out of wood, often he uses old parts of a clock. His works tell stories about young souls, dreams, death and the elapsing time. Often, his works are clamped in black boxes, as if they had their own environment, and nothing distracts from their message. His surreal tableaus remind us to live in the here and now.

Joachim seitfudem about his art: „I make what I like and what I haven’t seen yet. And it is not relevant for me, if others will like it. The main thing is that it lingers with the beholder, be it positively or negatively.“

Born in 1987

He lived in england for 6 years and started working as a freelance artist in bad kohlgrub in 2017.

Chamber, state and national winner in sculpture 2007-2008
First german sculptor in the rsa, the royal scottish academy, edinburgh 2016
Art award, art coburg 2018
Art-nordic award 2019 in kopenhagen
Various single and group exhibitions
Joachim Seitfudem
joachim seitfudem