jürgen welker

„art is uncompromising. Only those who take full ownership of their actions, are good. That’s the way it is: all or nothing at all.“

jürgen welker

jürgen welker lives and works in his studio at lake tegernsee. He paints abstract landscapes, acryl paint mixed with stone powder, alabaster gypsum on canvas. He produces his paintings during an intensive creative process of up to two years. He paints over until the landscape in his mind starts to disappear. the beholders then become inspired to seek and find something themselves. Mountains, lake, sky – or the landscapes of their proper souls. His monochrome figure paintings stem from an earlier creative period.

born in 1959
lives at lake tegernsee
studied art pedagogy at ewh landau/pfalz
studied painting and drawing at akademie der freien künste (engl.: academy of liberal arts)
karlsruhe under markus lüpertz, max neumann, erwin gross
since 1990 freelance artist

exhibitions / fairs
neustädter kunstverein (engl.: art association neustadt)
bezirksverband (engl.: distric association) pfalz (pfalzpreis – engl.: pfalz award)
hki, hongkong
kulturverein (engl.: cultural association) wilhelmsdorf
heinrich heine haus, lüneburg
dom bardovick
k-galerie, munich
kunstfabrik (engl.: art factory) vienna
tegernseer kunstausstellungen (engl.: art exhibitions at lake tegernsee), tegernsee
artmuc, munich 2017

Jürgen Welker