lothar götter

„Painting as an act of creation, as shape of what is seen, felt, experienced. the canvas as place of encounter and origin of man and beast, light and landscape. sometimes within minutes powerfully thrown at the naked and waiting white, captured and retained, occasionally changed by wind and weather. (...) located, sensed and painted by a sweeping, expressive brush, and bright and strong colours. (...) He has never abandoned the figurative or the landscape, painted in the studio just as outdoors, in defiance of all fashion – this, after all, is what makes up the quality of these works: they are not subjected to any dictate, a new Munich school emerged on the multicultural west end humus.“

quoted from „götterbilder“ (engl.: “idols“) by dr.christiane clemm


born in 1954
lives in munich

studied sculpture under profs. hemrich, johannes-gutenberg-universität mainz, and paolozzi, akademie der bildenden künste (academy of fine arts) in munich
studied painting under prof. baschang, akademie der bildenden künste (academy of fine arts) in munich

  • 2000 herz (engl.: heart) - atelier zylla, munich
  • 2001 straussenlake (engl: ostrich brine) - atelier zylla, munich
  • 2002 sumpfbilder (engl.: swamp paintings)- heuwaage, murnau
  • 2003 dumme tiere (engl.: stupid animals)- atelier zylla, munich
  • 2004 götter in rosenheim (engl.: gods in rosenheim)- kunstmühle, rosenheim
  • 2004 es geht bergauf (engl.: going uphill)- atelier zylla, munich
  • 2005 kleine welt (engl.: small world)- alte wiedefabrik, munich
  • 2006 teamgeist (engl.: team spirit) - kunsthaus 424, barcelona
  • 2007 himmelsfreundschaft (engl.: friendship of heaven), st.rupert, munich
  • 2008 menagerie - open westend, munich
  • 2009 pferde sind schafe (engl.: horses are sheep)- open westend, munich
  • 2010 götter im freien (engl.: gods outside)- galerie wimmer, munich
  • 2011 gesichtsbuch / holz (engl.: face book / wood) - galerie kalt, munich
  • 2012 heimatschland (engl.: homeland) - künstlerhaus ulm
  • 2012 2012 große kunstausstellung (engl.: big art exhibition) - kunstverein wasserburg
  • 2013 licht über der elbe (engl.: light over Elbe River) - stoffels kommunikation, hamburg
  • 2015 blickwechsel (engl.: change of perspective)- st.rupert, munich
  • 2016 das gewicht des lapidaren (engl.: the weight of the lapidary)- seidlvilla, munich
  • 2017 artmuc, munich
Lothar Goetter