Reiner Heidorn, mentalvoyage, 100 x 200 cm, Oil on aluminium

reiner heidorn

"When you look at the clouds above the sea, a frozen lake or a meadow, then there is no one who made them extra for you - I want to be this no one behind my pictures."

Reiner Heidorn

reiner heidorn is considered as "the young savage amongst the neo expressionists of weilheim". With his deep blue and petrol-blue monochrome large formats and his particular painting style, he creates broad spaces of association and meditation. About the essence of nature, plants, the core of our being.
In addition to his monochrome pictures he pursues a second series - typical for him, the big eyed "germangas", by which he gets to create narrative and figurative pictorial spaces that strangely touch the beholder and do not release him any more.


born in 1966
lives and works as freelance artist in weilheim near munich

selected solo shows
  • jan 2066 "störbilder", producergallery, munich
  • june 2007 "heidorn playgrounds", museum, weilheim
  • nov 2007 "reiner heidorn paints over the edge", gallery herold, feldafing
  • may 2009 "about chew and swallow", blue house, cultural evebt, dießen
  • jan 2010 "reinerheidornpaintings" gallery g5, munich
  • march 2012 "dangered art - paintings", gallery contentkitchen, munich
  • oct 2012 "heidorn - the foilpaintings", gallery art coming, starnberg
  • march 2013 "the fragile system", gallery kaysser, munich
  • nov 2016 "monomito", casa culturale villa ritinha, recife/brazil
  • april 2017 "a comprensive survey", bill lowe gallery, atlanta/usa
  • april 2017 "the white canoue", pasinger fabrik, munich
  • juli 2018 "mental positions", bildpark gallery, munich
Reiner Heidorn
Reiner Heidorn, mentalriver, 170 x 200 cm, oil on canvas