Tamar Klar, Gedankenschale II, unbeleuchtet

tamar klar

„Light as a basis of being. The material by which matter is created. No one knows better than nature how to place this raw material center stage. A single ray of light exhibits millions of facets. To me, light is a similar mystery as is the mind. Taken for granted, they both appear so simple and obvious. But the closer you get to their essence, the more interesting they become.

Taking hold of a thought.

Fluorescent acrylic glass – ardent admirer of the light – has become my medium – to capture the magic of thoughts.“

tamar klar


her wall objects made of acrylic glass illuminate every single room by their fascinating composition. The shapes, fenced in plexiglas-boxes, are simple and abstract, yet structures and shades change with the light incindence and position of the beholder. There is nothing rigid. Tamar Klar makes lively art full of peace, joy and energy.

born in 1967, munich
studied pedagogy and fashion design
since 2012 freelance artist
lives and works in the allgäu

expositions / fairs
  • 2017 C.A.R. Essen, Art MUC Munich, Art Karlsruhe

  • 2016 Art Karlsruhe, ART Fair Cologne
  • 2016 Solo project Basel
  • 2015 Art Karlsruhe, Art Bodensee Dornbirn
  • 2014 Art Karlsruhe, Art Fair Cologne, Art Bodensee Dornbirn, Affordable Art Fair Hamburg
  • 2013 Art Fine Baden-Baden, Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, Red Dot Miami, Art Bodensee, Art Karlsruhe
tamar klar
Tamar Klar, Gedankenschale