Valsugo, White Shadow, Mixed Media, 282x185cm


The artist valsugo does not make it easy for the beholder to capture his pictures by first or second sight. Nor is it his intention. Perhaps Joseph Beuys remark "anyone who doesn't want to think, has to leave!" hits the nail on the head: The complex world of images seeks to challenge the beholder to deal with them. Those, who get involved find themselves confronted with burning ethic and social issues of our time. For example, "Why we believe we can control the game?" is the central sentence of "Head Plug". Yet, it does only reveal itself to the eyes of the beholder after taking a closer look. Letters are waiting hidden between plexiglass elements and net mesh made of hardened inkjet printing, to form words and typographic puns of strict precision and graphical beauty. Suddenly they make sense to the beholder, in a way that doesn't allow one to turn away without making a statement.

In his piece "Head Plug", valsugo raises the question of ethical responsibility on the explosive topic of artificial intelligence, that way stimulating intellectual discourse. The refusal to explain his works correlates with his call for thorough examination and positioning in relation to the urgent issues of our time. The mixed media artworks invite us to formulate questions and look for answers - in the picture, in ourselves and in the discussion. Graphically as well as typographically superb, valsugo constructs complex systems in which the human is always centerstage. Living an anonymous life in the south of Germany, the conceptual artist has the pictures already in this head. Due to highly modern computer and printing techniques the realisation of this kind becomes possible in the first place. He edits digital photographs with uv-cured inkjet printing and creates geometrical artificial worlds, where the human finds his space, where organic structures decompose softly and vulnerably. His pictures tell highly intense stories revolving around human existence. It is difficult to evade them.


„walked through the ashes
behind me burnt bridges
I hid myself
covered mind and skin with it
was trapped sucked into the abyss
have awaked been awakened and uncovered
transformed I wander trough the dark
discern see transform
words stop where pictures start“

exhibitions / fairs
  • 2009 stroke munich
  • 2010 stroke munich and berlin
  • 2017 kölner liste (engl. cologne list)
  • 2018 solo show "delusion", bildpark gallery, munich
Valsugo, Head Plug, Mixed Media, Digital print, acrylic on wood, 200x125cm